Separate Beaches In Israel With Men & Woman Hours At Same Time

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Ok, so if you are reading this right now you're probably looking for a separate beach that offers men and women hours simultaneously and all day long. So here is the low-down - Only Eilat, Dead Sea & Tiberias offer separate beaches that officially open all day for use by Men on one side of a partition and Women on the other side. And of course, they all offer separate entrances for males and females. Please note that unlike the three aforementioned beaches, the segregated beaches in Tel-Aviv, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Rishon Letziyon, Bat-Yam, Netanya, Hadera, Hertzeliya & Haifa all follow alternate day patterns for Men & Woman (Men Only On Monday, Wednesday & Friday & Women Only on Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday. Beware that on Saturday (the holy Shabbat) these beaches are usually used by the secular public and become a free for all. Also be warned that every separate beach has an official season (in which life-guards are required to be on duty) that requires the beach to be legally be separated. The day that season ends (varies by beach) the beach can be mixed, rented out by the local municipality or used for some other purpose.

Stay tuned for future articles in which I will discuss religious family beaches, private desolate beaches and tips for the off season. For now, get your bathing suit ready let's get back on track. I will now present to you some juicy details worth knowing before visiting these 3 beaches and before planning your trip in Israel.

Eilat Segregated Beach: Open For M&W Everyday, All Year

The beauty of the separate beach in Eilat is that it's open all year round for Men & Women with required life guards on Duty. The beach offers showers, toilets, shades areas and lawns. On International standards, Eilat is basically hot all year round. In fact, in the summer months the beach water can actually feel like Jacuzzi water. If you drive in from the North Entrance of the city you can avoid the hustle and bustle and crowded streets. That would require driving in through the industrial area rather than the Downtown Sea Mall area. Naturally, if you plan to frequent this beach I would recommend hotels on the northern end ranging from the area of Herods and not further than the Magic Palace (view a map). Note, that for the most part these hotels do not serve Glatt Kosher meat but do offer Glatt Chicken, vegetables and side dishes. It's best to call the hotel and consult with the Kosher food Supervisor on all these matters. With that said, if you're on board to visit this popular Israeli Beach simply use the map below:

Dead Sea Segregated Beach: All Year, Everyday For Men & Women

Also known as the Ein-Bokek Separate beach, this salty oasis is one of a kind. Due to the warm climate in the area the beach is also able to stay open all year long and every single day of the year. To top it all off, it's split into two sides for men and women respectively every day of the year. That makes vacationing in this area for those who desire this type of beach much less restrictive. The Herods Dead Sea resort is the closest hotel to this beach and roughly a two minute walk away, making it a great place to grab a meal at or stay the night. The Leonardo Club All Inclusive Hotel is the next closest and about a 5-7 minute walk from this beach. Again, for the most part these hotels do not serve Glatt Kosher meat but do offer Mehadrin Chicken, vegetables and side dishes. Again, It's best to call the hotel and consult with the kosher kitchen Supervisor. So if you're ready to float in the Dead Sea guide yourself now with the map below:

Tiberias Separate Beach: Men & Women Simultaneously March - October

Everyone loves the religious beach in Tiberias as it's situated right next to to the famous Tomb Of Rabbi Meir Baa'l Ha'Ness. Vacationers love it even more as families looking for segregated bathing options can visit this beach together. The catch here is that unlike Eilat & Dead Sea this beach is Seasonal and only officially separate and active from around March To October. Tiberias offers many nearby hotels that are fully Glatt Kosher / Mehadrin all year long, however on American standards they are not so lavish. There are some nice hotels with regular Rabbinate Supervision that are luxurious on US standards like the Guy Beach & Leonardo Plaza hotels. If you're ready to head to this beach now just follow the map below:

The religious beach guidelines and schedules in Israel can be confusing so follow the Beach Suite Israel blog and learn all the tricks of the trade for a better and logistically sound Israel Beach Experience.

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